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Worryingly we were recently asked the question in the top left hand box. We are sure disabled people  are safe. To support that purpose, PLEASE can YOU help us REDUCE Welfare Reform Deaths by getting the open-letter below in front of Sir Keir Starmer before 10pm Thursday 4th July 2024. At the latest we need to do this before the King invites Sir Keir to form the next government. It would help a reduce the 81,140 deaths on the official Government Report of 2015: Click Here.

If you care about a Labour government keeping it’s political soul safe by looking after the disabled + elderly + vulnerable please share this page on social media: you could save a life. 

Declaration of interest: We want to vote for Sir Keir Starmer and Labour

Calums List 15 June 2024 Sir Keir Starmer MP and Labour Leader

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An Open Letter To Sir Keir Starmer

Dear Sir Keir,

Reducing the Current Welfare Reform Tragedies AND Helping Disabled Folk Back To Work

Every sinew in my body wants to vote Labour. The whole team here at Calum’s List want to vote Labour. But we are worried about the horrendous Welfare Reform Death toll. So we beg you to establish, in terms of the Inquiries Act 2005, an appropriate form of…

Inquiry Into The Welfare Reform Deaths

& How These May Be Reduced

The Government Report of 2015 identified 81,140 death where welfare reform is likely, “in the balance of probabilities”, to have had culpability for at least 36% and “beyond reasonable doubt” in 8% of the 81,140 welfare reform deaths in the UK Click Here.

Plus an integral part of such an Inquiry:-.

Helping Disabled Folk

Return To Work Without Force

As a former police officer injured on duty and with significant disabilities (mostly spinal), I have been very lucky…

A]. In that 29 year period as an “unemployable” disabled person, I managed (with help of family and friends) to create over 203 jobs.

B]. Furthermore, the audited amount of unclaimed benefits over that 29 year period have saved the State £291,149.47.

If the action under the Inquiries Act 2005 (here), is granted, please can the terms of reference include:-

C]. Inquiry outcome focussed on establishing the quantum of welfare reform deaths and how to reduce that number.

D]. Inquiry outcome incorporating the National Audit Office Report “Supporting Disabled People To Work” (document: click here), so that if a disabled person is wanting to overcome their disability hurdles, then the medical and appropriate disability adaptations are put in place to make that so.

I would be very happy to assist the National Audit Office and DWP initiative (here). For example to assist and help an initial group of between 100 and 1,000 of the 930,000 disabled people the NAO seek to “Support To Work.” If the numbers coincide remotely with my own case, that initiative should (painlessly) shave £10 million off of the DWP budget.

Sir Keir, I would wager with you, a fine Islay malt whisky (here) that if your new Chancellor of the Exchequer found £10 million down the back of a worn out old cops sofa, she would have a lot of important new initiatives upon which to direct that £10,000,000?

Returning to the core matter that brought this website into being…

Calum’s List was started by Mick Moore. He was disabled and is now dead. Not of disability (spinal surgery), but welfare reforms got him in the end. He is one of the 60 welfare reform deaths. This list of 60 stopped at 60. After Mick died, we just could not take this anymore. The “list” of Welfare Reform Deaths is now somewhere between 60 and the infamous 81,140.

Our small team here know all of the folk and their families on this awful list.

Sir Keir, we beg of you please can you help us to stop these tortuous deaths?

As the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, we hope and trust that you, a Labour prime minister, will look after the disabled and vulnerable, at least to the point where our needless deaths from the punitive tortuous Welfare Reform system can be avoided.

In order to assist an inquiry, I would like to give evidence please. This may be helpful as I opted to work after being injured on duty as a police officer. By that, I mean to make best efforts NOT to claim State benefits.

If it were possible to replicate my own experience, this would drastically and humanely reduce the welfare costs whilst also reducing the tragic list of deaths.

The credentials underwriting this offer are based on having founded and registered a Money Advice Charity in the 1990s following the suicide of a friend. During the 10 years our Money Advice Charity ran, there was an irrevocable connection between money worries and the 404 debt-related suicides in the UK each year. Those 404 were based on our charity’s research of HM Coroners and Procurators Fiscal in the 1990s. The levels of suicide will have changed as per the 2015 government report concerning the government’s 2015 report and the dissonance between 404 debt-suicides and a proportion of the 81,140 welfare-reform deaths.

I trust this may be of assistance to your new government? It is my heartfelt and terminal wish to be able to help reduce the number of these deaths. But also to manage something positive from this trauma: to research the voluntary work ethic and the health benefits that flow from that.

Kindest wishes to your new government Sir Kier.


Calum McLean


End of Letter

A Brief Quote

It Is Perfect For Many Disabled Folk

 “We are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are. One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

From Tennyson


Bona Fides

Calum McLean When Fit & Able

Over 25 Years Ago

Calum on Duty

The Words Above Are Better

When Spoken By Dame Judy Dench

The words are particularly poignant to former members of the civilian emergency and particularly the military services in th UK. Why? Well it is worth carefully listening. It conveys the degradation from being fit, health and able, to something else….

^^ These Words Mean  A Great Deal ^^

^^ To Disabled Emergency Service Workers ^^

Please forgive the lighter note of this clip with Dame Judi Dench. For 12 years this website has struggled with the gravitas of the welfare reform subject. Every now and then, a change in tempo helps relieve the burdens.


For Reference

The Inquiries Act 2005


Calums List - Inquiries Act 2005

Inquiries Act 2005: Official Source: Click Here


A Few Good Men & Women

There are some good people that restore our faith in human decency. They make a vital difference. Below we discovered an incredibly emotional speech. The small team at Calum’s List were moved beyond words….

Original Parliamentary Hansard Source: Here

Thank you.


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Coronial Law

Regulation 28


Calums List - Coronial Law - Regulation 28

Calums List - Coronial Law - Regulation 28 MAIN

Coronial Law Regulation 28: Click Here


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